About Us

Gulbarga Community College for Women came into existence in July 2005 under the management of 'Manisha Women's Welfare Society', Gulbarga. Manisha Women's Welfare society is a registered (1987) Non-profit secular voluntary social service organization. Manisha firmly believes that education is the most powerful instrument of the social transformation. Therefore education is a 'Must' for empowerment of weaker and neglected sections or of our society. Education is the Investment on social progress and development. Since its inception 'Manisha' has been active in the field of awareness generating and educative activities, such as organizing special expert lectures, workshops, seminars, symposiums, training camps, short term vocational courses and summer camps for school children, etc.

In 2005 'Manisha' got transformed in to a full time formal educational Institution by setting up of community college for women as an Associate member of Indian centre for Research and Development of community education a Chennai Based National Institution. ICRDCE is the pioneer of community college system of education in India. This is an innovative system of education carved for the empowerment of youth belonging to the deprived sections of our society. It aims at including the excluded from the main stream of education. Its target group is school drop outs; X and XII pass/fail students who discontinue their education due to socioeconomic factors. These youth remain unemployable, unproductive and become social liability. Hence is a need for a new system of education for taking care of this class of students.

Education plays a vital role in personal development and in case of girl child education to her is an investment on social progress and development. Women belonging to lower strata of society do not get an opportunity of personal development since their childhood. Poverty coupled with ignorance of parents deprive them the opportunity of education. Early marriage and early motherhood force on her them the state of deprivation forever.

A ray of hope can be brought into their life by providing a fresh opportunity to complete their education from the stage where they dropped out from the school and provide such education that they will be able to give fresh beginning to their life with self confidence and make themselves fit for life and fit for job.

This is what exactly the community college system of education intends to do. The community colleges aim at empowering the weaker and marginalized sections of society through appropriate skill development leading to gainful employment / self employment. This makes qualitative difference in the life of poor. Community colleges establish linkage with local industrial establishments, potential employers, community leaders for providing opportunities, of employment and self employment in the local areas.

Gulbarga community college is located opposite to Aiwan-E-Shahi guest house, P.D.A Engineering college road, Gulbarga. The very purpose of the community college system of education is empowerment of youth through appropriate skill development leading to gainful employment. The college offers such educational programmes which provide employment in their own neighborhood.

Every academic programme at the community college has three components. The first components deal with soft skill development such as Basic English, Communicative English, Basic computers and the Life skills. The second component deals with work skill which will prepare them for a particular job / employment.

The third component is industrial internship. The students will gain work experience by working in those industries with which industrial partnership agreement is made.

With the launching up of community college scheme of Education by Indira Gandhi National Open University in August 2009, Gulbarga Community College for Women got registered as IGNOU Community College, IGNOU Community colleges all over India offer Certificate Diploma and Associate Degree programmes which are basically vocational programmes clubbed with Foundation course consisting of Basic English communicative English, Basic Computer, Soft Skill and Entrepreneurial education. All the Certificate Diploma Associate Degree programmes are credit based; students have an opportunity of vertical mobility if they wish to continue from Certificate up to Degree level.

Unfortunately, IGNOU discountinued its community college scheme from 15th June, 2013 without giving any reason for the withdrawal of the scheme.